Same Day Denture Relines

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Dentures are made to fit properly and comfortably so that they function just as normal teeth do. Over time, changes in the jawbone or gum tissue can alter the fit of the denture. Ill-fitting dentures tend to move, causing discomfort and irritation. We want our patients to feel comfortable in their dentures, so occasionally this means relining them for a better fit. Our in-house denture lab allows us to reline dentures on the same day you call for an adjustment.

It's time to have dentures relined if:

  • they aren’t staying in place
  • the gums are sore and irritated
  • an infection occurs due to constant irritation
  • you have difficulty speaking

Give us a call at 612-213-2264 if you are experiencing discomfort due to ill-fitting dentures, and we will arrange for same-day relining.